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          1. Company profile
            Enterprise culture
            Qualification certification
            Speech of President
            Enterprise honor
            Business Scope
            Corporate Concept:Refined manufavture-we only manufacture the best.High technology-we pursue scientific and technological innovation consistently and strictly. Sincere service-we move customers by sincerity.
            Leadership ldeas:Learning comes from creation,action comes thoughts,power comes from probity,and success comes from the mass.
            Marketing ldeas:Prosper the industry with righteousness,success with novelty.
            Manufacturing and Managerial ldeas:Make the enterprise smart,and products modernized.
            Copyright:Zhejiang Oriental Environmental Protection Equipment Co.,Ltd
            Address:Zhejiang province Zhuji City West Development Zone Venture Road No. 19  Http:http://www.pdfirm.com
            Tel:0575-87302670、0575-87302669  Fax:0575-87316128