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          1. Company profile
            Enterprise culture
            Qualification certification
            Speech of President
            Enterprise honor
            Business Scope
                Recalling the past in the light of the present,eastern man is proud,the past some yeats.The eastern environmental protection firmly depenies on Chinese environmental protection industrial base of outfit terrace.The business continuously develops bigly,and to the nationwide,strideeing to the world.
                 Way achieved to leap over the development of style,and goed away speedily and health Each one-step which developed was wholly obtain leaderships all levels kind to show solicitude and the community all walks of life are concerned about the swaet that whole personnel is wholly being condensed in the support,and wo be able to always rememberalways,and dos worthwhile driving force that gos forward with this.
                 To apporoaching,we shall seize the day the self-confident the whole bosom of eastern man,againtst hour completely moves forward,the innovation is rund attending school the vast a talented person adming,and continuously introduces from elsewhere digesting the well-developed technipue of home and abroad,and causes the produce be living in the environmental protection territory to go up the fresh step again.
                 heartfeltly be grtateful to per one girl friend who is concerned about and the eastern environmental protection development of help!
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